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NYC Peech Boys - Stay With Me (2010 Remixes)


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1. Souldynamic Old School Mix

2. Sean McCabe Deepa Mix

3. Melchyor A's Hmida Remix

4. Jihad Muhammad Vo Mix

5. Spiritual Blessings Deeper Remix

6. Wipe The Needle Vo Mix

7. Luv City Remix

8. Dazzle Drums Remix

9. Soul Deep Collective Vo Mix

10. Latest Craze Till' Sunrise Vo Mix

11. DJ Silva Deep Vo Mix

12. Sakaki N Vintage House Mix

13. Retro Tech Dub

14. Y.Nakamura (Blu Swing) Remix

15. Sean McCabe Deepa Inst Mix

16. Melchyor A's Akaj dub Remix

17. Jihad Muhammad Inst Mix

18. Wipe The Needle Inst Mix

19. Wipe The Needle Dub

20. Soul Deep Collective Inst Mix

21. Latest Craze Inst Mix

22. DJ Silva Heat Mix

23. Retro Tech Instrumental

24. Melchyor A's Akaj Beats

25. Latest Craze Til' Sunrise Beats

26. Luvapella


10, 21, 25 - Written, Arranged & Produced by Latest Craze, 2010

(M Gavrilidis / P Massa / W Mroue)

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