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Latest Craze EP

Available for purchase on Soundmen On Wax Records.

1. Electric Soul (Main Mix)

2. Electric Soul (Guitar Mix)

3. Electric Soul (Reprise)

4. Crazy Scats (Main Mix)

5. Crazy Scats (Dub Mix)

6. Crazy Scats (Alternative Mix)

7. Crazy Scats (Hoedown Mix)

8. Crazy Scats (Rat-a-tat beats)

9. Blue Notes (Main Mix)

10. Blue Notes (Late Nite Dub)

11. Blue Notes (Latest Beats)

Written, Arranged and Produced by Latest Craze, 2009

(M Gavrilidis / P Massa / W Mroue)

Artwork by J Centeno

Mixed and engineered at GM Studios, Melbourne, Australia, 2009

For licensing contact Soundmen on Wax Records.